Livestream Agenda

Welcome to the Livestream of the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit!

Welcome to OCTV, the livestream programming of the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit.
Time Zones listed below include Hong Kong (HKT), Israel (IST), and Eastern US (EST).

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HKT 14:50-15:00

IST 08:50-09:00

EST 01:50-02:00

OCTV: Welcome to the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit

Peek at what’s ahead for the next 9 hours of official Summit programming.

HKT 15:00-16:30

IST 09:00-10:30

EST 02:00-03:30

Opening Plenary – “Startups: Making a Global Impact”

Greetings from the Mayor of Jerusalem

Moshe Lion welcomes the international crowd to his city, the most historic location in the world and a growing center of innovation.

Moshe Lion

Mayor of Jerusalem

The State of the Crowd

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved provides an intriguing update on the tech landscape, the Innovation Nation, and how the crowd continues to revolutionize startup investing. He also debuts a special video presentation.

Jon Medved

CEO & Founder, OurCrowd

Startups: Making a Global Impact

A series of eye-opening sessions on the incredible power of breakthrough technologies to make a real and lasting difference on the lives of individuals and societies alike.

Udi Meirav

CEO and Founder, enVerid Systems

Laly David

Business Development Partner, OurCrowd

Adam Kaplan

Co-Founder and CEO, EdgyBees

Garret Bryl

UAS Pilot, Joshua Fire Department

Maurice Ferré

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at INSIGHTEC,

Liat Siman Tov

QA Engineer

Adir Siman Tov

SAP Technical Consultant at Ness Digital Engineering

Oren Tamari

Co-Founder and CEO, UPnRIDE

Gidi Stein

Co-Founder and CEO, MedAware

Cathie Reid

Co-Founder and Digital Advisor to the Icon Group Board

Shimon Elkabetz

Co-Founder and CEO, ClimaCell Inc.

Dana Chanan

CEO and Co-Founder of Sweetch

Joseph G. Allen

Director, Healthy Buildings Program

Summit Preview

Highlights of the incredible spectrum of Summit programming, opportunities for networking, and tips on how best to take advantage of them.

Jon Medved

CEO & Founder, OurCrowd

HKT 16:30-16:55

IST 10:30-10:55

EST 03:30-3:55

OCTV: Impact Investing & Beyond

Explore the work being done on the ground to make Impact Investing mainstream, as well as a close-up look at the technologies improving the world, from farmlands to your plate.

HKT 16:55-17:45

IST 10:55-11:45

EST 03:55-04:45

Eat the Sharks: Three Entrepreneurs Grill Three VCs

We’re turning the tables on the venture capitalists, with a whole new set of speakers. Three executives of successful startups put the feet of three leading investors to the fire. The VCs compete to explain what they can do for their investments, illuminating the upsides and downsides of the whole venture process. Once again, the sharks are in the cages, looking out.

HKT 17:45-18:10

IST 11:45-12:10

EST 04:45-05:10

OCTV: Spotlight on Startup Innovation

Get the 360° view with a sampling of startup ecosystem players, from serial entrepreneur to exited startup, from fund manager to corporate innovation exec.

HKT 18:10-19:00

IST 12:10-13:00

EST 05:10-06:00

The Cannabis Revolution: Saving Lives and Changing Society

First-person accounts of the incredible ability of cannabinoids to replace addictive painkillers, address development delays caused by autism, and alleviate PTSD symptoms are just the first part of the story. Top experts and scientists also reveal how changes wrought by cannabis may signal a paradigm shift in society itself.

HKT 19:00-20:00

IST 13:00-14:00

EST 06:00-07:00

OCTV: Seven Decades of Israeli Innovation

Israel’s reputation as Startup Nation may have started a decade ago, but since the modern state’s establishment, Israel has produced innovative solutions to its challenges. A look at Israel’s impact – on technological advancement and around the world.

HKT 20:00-21:15

IST 14:00-15:15

EST 07:00-08:15

Mid-Day Plenary: “Technology, Impact, and Investing”

Top Ten Tech Impact Trends for 2019

What’s going to be impactful, disruptive, and actionable in the coming year. A highly anticipated presentation by senior OurCrowd investing leaders.

Eli Nir

Senior Investment Partner, OurCrowd

Stav Erez

Partner and EVP Business Development, Labs/02

HKT 21:15-21:40

IST 15:15-15:40

EST 08:15-08:40

OCTV: Corporates & Startups, Empowered

Corporates and startups co-exist in a very healthy and productive ecosystem. Take a look at how corporate innovation looks in Israel and Japan, as well as how agile startups pivot and grow.

HKT 21:40-22:30

IST 15:40-16:30

EST 08:40-09:30

Demo Theatre

A lineup of the coolest, most eye-popping technologies from leading-edge startups. Live demonstrations by the innovators themselves, with unique audience participation mixed in.

HKT 22:30-22:55

IST 16:30-16:55

EST 09:30-09:55

OCTV: Access to Startup Investing

In this new era of open access to venture capital investing, angel investors, VCs, founders and corporates alike are benefiting. Learn more from voices around the ecosystem.

HKT 22:55-00:10

IST 16:55-18:10

EST 09:55-11:10

Closing Plenary 

TEK Talks: The Human Side of Impact

Educational, entertaining, and inspiring presentations from the most interesting high-profile figures in the industry and beyond. A can’t-miss session for Summit attendees.

Daniel Kahneman

Behavioral Economist and Nobel Laureate

Nuseir (Nas) Yassin

Video Blogger and Entrepreneur

Presentation of the OurCrowd Maimonides Award

The second annual OurCrowd Maimondes Award for Lifetime Achievement  in Science, Leadership and Menschlichkeit, presented to Professor Avraham Baniel, inventor and Co-Founder of Doux Matok, a leader in targeted delivery of flavor ingredients and nutrition.

Jon Medved

CEO & Founder, OurCrowd

Avraham Baniel

Inventor and Co-Founder, Doux Matok

Raphael Mechoulam

Organic Chemist and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry 

HKT 00:10-00:20

IST 18:10-18:20

EST 11:10-11:20

See You Next Year!

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Ale Bar Av

OCTV host